Silhouettes using Denim

Back in my previous semester of college we had a subject Related fabrics to Fashion. We were to work with different types of fabrics and study their composition and fall. Here’s my first, using denim.

Now denim is a pretty sturdy fabric. Its a cotton warp faced textile in which weft passes under two or three warp threads creating a diagonal effect commonly called twill weave. Originally denim didn’t have any stretch. Stretch denim comprises of an elastic component spandex, about 3% of it is present to create a significant amount of stretch in denim. Now depending on the weight of denim, its fall varies. For instance a 14 oz denim is very hard and stiff and so its fall, whereas a 6 oz denim is very light and is drapy.

Down below I have used 8 oz denim and created silhouettes on one half and flipped image to create a complete ensemble. Check them out.

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Image Copyright – TheKayasthaJournal2018

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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