Travel Diaries – Jodhpur #4

After visiting Umaid Bhavan Palace and feeding our bellies we decided to head towards Mandore Gardens. Mandore is the old capital of Jodhpur and is also mentioned in our epic Ramayana. Ravana is the son-in-law of Mandore, as he married to the beauty Queen Mandodri from Mandavyapur (old name of Mandore). The place used to be very beautiful and serene but went to ruins as the rulers shifted to Mehrangarh fort for residence.

So while we were going there, many people  told us not to visit it as its ruined by now. There’s nothing to see over there. But we had to see it for ourselves. So as soon as we entered I got my first shocker. The place was full of Gray Langur’s. I am terrified of them. I don’t know why but I am. Maybe coz I find them too human like and I find humans creepy. Which is a very rhetorical statement. I might (not) get back to it. lol.

19 IMG_8746

So as you enter the gardens, you start seeing these cenotaphs in front of you which are very intricate to observe.

20 IMG_8747

The cenotaph in the picture is of Maharaja Jaswant Singh. It was located a bit higher that others and intensely carved.

21 IMG_8752

Here’s a perspective view of the same.

We decided to enter one of the cenotaphs. I don’t remember now who’s cenotaph this is, pretty sure didn’t remember it back then as well, anyhoo.

16 IMG_8758

This was the biggest of them all. Very intensely carved pillars, walls and ceiling.

17 IMG_876018 IMG_8764

There was geometry in the entire cenotaph.

Here’s the ceiling of the cenotaph.

Overall the place is almost ruined… only few cenotaphs are remaining which are proper. Mostly things are destroyed over there. Although its a peaceful place to just sit around for a while. Although not for me because of the Langur’s over there.

So this marks our end at Jodhpur. Next day we are leaving early morning for Udaipur. Stay tuned for Udaipur updates.

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