Making a Corset

Hey everyone! So after 2 weeks of hard work, I finally have completed a fully functional corset. I documented my process all the way because I decided to post a tutorial on my blog. I tried a lot to find a good tutorial on corset making but couldn’t find any good ones. It’s insane.  Anyhoo so here’s my documentation of Corset making.

I won’t be posting the entire process in one go because it’s like too much. Corset involves just a lot of work so I will be dividing my posts into – Basic corset cutting and stitching, Boning and hem finishes, and finally Eyelets and lacing of the corset.

Here are the links to each part.

Basic Corset Cutting and Stitching.


Hem and neckline finishes.

Eyelets, Finishing, and Lacing.

I have not mentioned about a few things like Busk closure, Underwire attachment and style lines, because I didn’t include them in my corset. Although if I make a sample of them in future I will definitely post. As of now, I have included a link to the things I have excluded, in the final part.

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