Lippan Art

It’s that time of the year. Diwali! Its the biggest festival of India. Well its not really Diwali today, its on the 27th of this month, however, Indian families start preparing for it days before the actual festival. So as always mom and I decided to get creative and start some new projects at our place. One of the things that we are doing is called the Lippan art. Traditionally its done using clay and cow dung on walls of homes, done by ladies of Kutch, Gujarat. But today we’re gonna talk about a much contemporary version of this which you, sitting in some other corner of the world, can do as well.


So this version involves chalk powder, fevicol and water. And of course a base material on which you want to do this. You’re most welcome to do it on a spare wall, but for first timers, best to do it on a small plank of wood. So we have taken a large plank of wood, 42 inch by 42 inch.

To start off, we’re gonna create the base mixture. Now there’s no exact measurement for it. Whatever amount of chalk powder you take in a bowl, add 1/3rd fevicol to it and then start stirring it by gradually mixing in water. Now you have to add water slowly. Make sure its not too concentrated, nor too fluid. If you have ever applied a face pack on your face, it should be that consistency.

Now all you have to do is get messy, take your hands, dip it in the mixture and start coating on the board. I should say use gloves but noooo come on! bare hands is soo much fun! Also it creates such nice texture on the board.


This is you base for the painting. It takes unto 24 hrs to fully dry. If you’re from colder parts of the world, it may take longer. You should notice it becomes lighter and harder as it dries. Now this is my base, as you can see the nice textures and contours created using my hands, its soo lovely. I have put it outside to dry. Its nice sunny outside, so it shouldn’t take long for it to dry.

It was definitely fun to do this part, I’m sure you’ll love it too. Try it out and then tag me in your post!

Don’t worry there’s more to it. Its just the base. I’m waiting for mine to dry out so I can move on and show you guys further steps.

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