Further on the Lippan Piece

Continuing with the Lippan art, my board took 24 hrs to fully dry. Now here’s a few things to make sure you have in hand before we go ahead – Good amount of any adhesive like fevicol or mod podge, chalk powder, old newspapers. Take a few newspapers and tear them into very tiny pieces and put them in water over night, we’ll be using it to create the dough for the art. Why though? newspaper dissolves in water overnight and acts as a nice binding agent to the dough.

To prepare the dough –IMG20191011134707

Same previous mixture that we used for the base coat, i.e chalk powder, fevicol and water, but here we’re gonna take more of chalk powder and less water and will add the paper mache mix to it. You have to knead this properly until it forms a good sticky dough. Let this rest for an hour or two max.


Now for decorating you need to have tiny cut pieces of glass in diamond and circles, of different sizes. Now in case you don’t find these, you can also use other embellishment pearls and beads. However, glass is the more traditional material.


We’re gonna make the design for it on the board with pencil. Now how you decide to ornament is totally unto you. You can roll the dough into thin long pipes to make borders or outlines. Or you can use chunky pieces, glue them on the board and press your glass piece in them so it creates.

Now this is the difficult part and also time taking. This is what my piece looks like after one whole day of working. As you can see not much has been done on this haha! Its gonna take some time. But mom and I are totally motivated to complete it.


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