Know Me

Hi Guys!

So first things first, who am I??

I’m an 18 yr old boy living in India, studying fashion designing. I’m in my 2nd year of college. I blog under the pseudo name “Silas” in order to pay tribute to my favorite show which ended this year *sad face* i.e The Vampire Diaries.

Why did I start blogging?

8 hrs of a day I’m surrounded by fake pretentious people of my college, so I needed a way to get away from it all. I found blogging as a very interesting and unique way to channel my energy. Also I want people to know about what I have to say, don’t really think I can change world but ya I can atleast make an effort.

What all do I blog about?

My blog has some hand picked collection of photographs, travel photographs, etc. I fancy photo challenges.

You will find some amateur poetry stuff by me in response to daily prompts and other topics.

I have three special days of a week – Floral Weekends, on sundays,  where I talk about a new strange flower around us.

Artful Weekends, on saturdays, where I show my artwork/diy work/etc.

Thoughtful Wednesdays – Where I write some self made thoughts. Hope you like them.

I’ve also started my own segment of Dear Diary. It’s a collection of diary entries of a fictional girl named Allison and her life with her 2 close friend Aubrey and Chris. Her life is inspired from some instances of my own school life. Aubrey is a character interpretation of my real life best friend and Chris is an interpretation of my own character. Allison being a fictional girl around who the story involves. Hope you guys will appreciate it.

You can also find me on twitter @KayasthaJournal, Instagram @the_kayastha_journal and Tumblr @The Kayastha Journal.

I hope you’d enjoy reading to what I have to say! And thank you for patiently reading this. 🙂