Guest Post – Linda Mace

Hey everyone! Time for another guest post. This time its my amazing friend Linda@EveryoneElseHastheBestTitles. I’m so excited to present this post. She’s an amazing person, full of positivity with a perplexing view on life. A canine lover just like me. The best part about her is that she appreciates the little things in life, which is so hard to find in people in today’s world. … Continue reading Guest Post – Linda Mace

Guest post – Maddy

Hey everyone! Time for a new guest post. I’m so excited to present Maddy, a young and beautiful soul with a great passion for photography. Do check out her blog- Maddy’s Digital Diary – its amazing! So here we go! 1- Introduce yourself to everyone Hey everyone! My name is Maddy and I am a homeschooled teen with a passion for photography. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 2- At … Continue reading Guest post – Maddy

Guest Post – Silas from The Kayastha Journal

Originally posted on My Mundane Life:
Hi everyone! I’m so excited to present my very first Guest Post! That’s right – I’ve been thinking about doing one for a long time and I approached Silas@TheKayasthaJournal and I’m so happy that he immediately agreed to it! Over the last week, we have been interviewing each other over email and decided to produce separate guest posts in collaboration.… Continue reading Guest Post – Silas from The Kayastha Journal