ITS MY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYY!!!!!! Lol. So its my birthday today. I’m officially 19 now. I am proud January-born Capricorn. Any other Capricorns out there? Uh don’t feel any older though. I’m so excited today. So I was wondering what special to do today. So I was like, I am turning 19 today so here are 19 facts about me. 19 Facts About Me I’m a … Continue reading Its My BIRTHDAYYYY!!!!!!!

My life in the past 5 months.

Surprised to get a notification from this dead blog? Hahaha … sorry, I know I took a break longer than I could have ever anticipated. It was meant as a transition break where I could learn to balance college and blog, but my apologies, I couldn’t. Second year designing has been like a nuclear blast on me, bombarded by the insane amount of work, right … Continue reading My life in the past 5 months.

5 Scientific Hindu Beliefs

Hey everyone. Today’s prompt gave me a chance to write about some of my culture’s traditions which have scientific importance. You might have seen in my previous posts that I’m a big atheist when it comes to believing in lunatic traditions, which are of course self explanatory. However these (the one’s mentioned here) don’t make the cut because now when I know the science behind … Continue reading 5 Scientific Hindu Beliefs