Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019.

I’m pretty sure most of you must have seen the riots happening in some parts of India after both the houses of the parliament passed the Citizenship Amendment Bill. There have been constant protests against the bill stating that it attacks the muslims of the country and that its ‘Unconstitutional’. Now here I’m linking a twitter thread with scanned copies of the actual bill from the Ministry … Continue reading Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019.

Lets play! (Don’t scroll without reading, it’s gonna be fun!)

Hey everyone! So not much time is left before 2017 will leave us forever, so I was wondering lets do something fun for the new years day. So I was wondering, I’ve been anonymous for a long time on this blog now. With this new year I wanna have a new beginning with this blog with the real me. And I promise to be 800% … Continue reading Lets play! (Don’t scroll without reading, it’s gonna be fun!)

This serene view

The legendary beauty of Nainital. The city on hills with a divine history and an enticing lake. I clicked this pic back in 2014, as this fog appears out of nowhere and blocks the serenic view of the mountains.. “Serene, Calm and quiet The unhampered beauty of these hills Takes a dark turn As this mist looms Like an ominous blanket.” Content and Image Copyright-©TheKayasthaJournal2017 … Continue reading This serene view

My life in the past 5 months.

Surprised to get a notification from this dead blog? Hahaha … sorry, I know I took a break longer than I could have ever anticipated. It was meant as a transition break where I could learn to balance college and blog, but my apologies, I couldn’t. Second year designing has been like a nuclear blast on me, bombarded by the insane amount of work, right … Continue reading My life in the past 5 months.

Floral Weekends – Iris sibrica

Hey everyone! Welcome to floral weekends. For those who don’t know, this is a segment started by me where I write about some beautiful and strange flowers from all around the world. If you also wanna be a part of this, pingback to my blog and use the tag #floralweekends. This way we can enjoy a number of beautiful flowers. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Iris sibirica Kingdom: Plantae Plantae: Angiosperms … Continue reading Floral Weekends – Iris sibrica