Nature Photgraphy

Yesterday I was just wandering in the garden with my dogs. I have a pet labrador and I have given shelter to 7 stray dogs, 4 of which are puppies. So I was playing with them in the park. I got tired and sat down and started observing the surroundings. It was then that the idea of surfaces started fascinating me. I decided to capture them with my phone. Check more snaps out here.


Tulsi is a sacred plant in Hindu belief. It’s actually a variety of basil, Ocimum tenuiflorum. Hindus regard it as an earthly manifestation of the goddess Tulsi; she is regarded as a great worshipper of the god Vishnu.

This plant has very tiny purple flowers that are barely visible to the naked eye. So as usual I was sitting in the front porch of my house and I was getting bored (You seriously might think how boring my life is aren’t you? well it’s not, it’s just I just finished all my pending assignments of college so I’ve got nothing to do) I picked out my camera and focussed it to the maximum extent and just clicked shots of the flowers. Really random clicking and I kinda liked the results. Hope you all like’em too. Check the first and second post for more pictures.


This post is about some random flower shots I recently did. I was sitting in my backyard when I spotted these beautiful bright red Hibiscus flowers. My mom is obsessed with gardening and stuff, my garden is full of beautiful rare flowers of each season. As I grew up I also showed some interest in gardening and now I help my mom in it. And also I love flowers. Here are some random flower shots I’ve taken. Check them here.


Monochrome color scheme is something that really fascinates me. On one hand it gives a sense of mystery, suspense to the picture and on the other it also tells a story. It gives an old feel (lol) to the picture, something vintage, something representing 80’s. This inspired me to click some monochrome shots. Check them out here.


I was just getting bored yesterday so naturally I just took the camera out and took some random nature shots in my garden. As explained before, I have a thing for details. There’s just something in nature’s intricacy that mesmerises the soul, well atleast mine. These details often tell stories of the flower/leaf/etc. I managed to capture the vein lines in a growing leaf and it’s just so pretty! Check more out here.

IMG_4466 (3)