Nature Photgraphy

Yesterday I was just wandering in the garden with my dogs. I have a pet labrador and I have given shelter to 7 stray dogs, 4 of which are puppies. So I was playing with them in the park. I got tired and sat down and started observing the surroundings. It was then that the idea of surfaces started fascinating me. I decided to capture them with my phone. Check more snaps out here.


Tulsi is a sacred plant in Hindu belief. It’s actually a variety of basil, Ocimum tenuiflorum. Hindus regard it as an earthly manifestation of the goddess Tulsi; she is regarded as a great worshipper of the god Vishnu.

This plant has very tiny purple flowers that are barely visible to the naked eye. So as usual I was sitting in the front porch of my house and I was getting bored (You seriously might think how boring my life is aren’t you? well it’s not, it’s just I just finished all my pending assignments of college so I’ve got nothing to do) I picked out my camera and focussed it to the maximum extent and just clicked shots of the flowers. Really random clicking and I kinda liked the results. Hope you all like’em too. Check the first and second post for more pictures.


This post is about some random flower shots I recently did. I was sitting in my backyard when I spotted these beautiful bright red Hibiscus flowers. My mom is obsessed with gardening and stuff, my garden is full of beautiful rare flowers of each season. As I grew up I also showed some interest in gardening and now I help my mom in it. And also I love flowers. Here are some random flower shots I’ve taken. Check them here.


Monochrome color scheme is something that really fascinates me. On one hand it gives a sense of mystery, suspense to the picture and on the other it also tells a story. It gives an old feel (lol) to the picture, something vintage, something representing 80’s. This inspired me to click some monochrome shots. Check them out here.


I was just getting bored yesterday so naturally I just took the camera out and took some random nature shots in my garden. As explained before, I have a thing for details. There’s just something in nature’s intricacy that mesmerises the soul, well atleast mine. These details often tell stories of the flower/leaf/etc. I managed to capture the vein lines in a growing leaf and it’s just so pretty! Check more out here.

IMG_4466 (3)

(Disclaimer – The copyright in the pictures is “TheGuyDiaries photography” which was the initial name of the blog. It’s now changed to “TheKayasthaJournal” )

Combretum indicum, a.k.a Chinese honeysuckle or Rangoon creeper, is a vine plant with cluster of red-pink-white flower. It is called Madhu Malti in Hindi and Modhumonjori in Bengali, and is a ligneous vine, which means it grows wood as its structural tissue.

I have a huge bunch of these vines in my frontyard where they cover the entire fencing. Recently, they have blossomed into some pretty pink flowers. So similar to what I did before (with basil tree), I focussed my camera to max and just clicked some random shots.  Here are a few outcomes. I also tried some macro shots. Hope you like them.


Every other evening I sit in my front yard either with my phone or camera and just click pics. My mom still doesn’t know I’m blogging….neither does my dad. I didn’t tell them in the first place and now its been 3 months and now I find it weird to tell now. Only my sister knows….only because she got it out of me by taking leverage of some stuff important to me. Haha. So my mom always says “what the hell are you even clicking? You play with the camera a lot these days”

All I can reply is “I’m just exploring”….Uhh when will I tell them. Well so out of those funny explorations I click some great pics and I sorted some out for this week’s photo challenge.

1 IMG_5022

A few days ago I was sitting in my frontyard and petting my dogs. My mom was watering the plants. I have a huge vine of Rangoon Creeper aka Malti on my front fence. Its covered it in. I did a post about it a few days ago. Check it here if you missed it. Anyhoo, so after a while my mom started showering all the plants with water. I was standing right next to her when she was doing it. She put water on me too coz I was standing really close to the vines.

Here are a few shots I clicked using my oppo F1 plus. I didn’t have my camera then coz Dad took it with him to Italy.

1 IMG20170610183304