Menswear Spring Summer ’19

Here's a preview to my first ever design collection. Menswear Spring/Summer '19.  

My crazy life situations

Writer’s Block

I don't know whether its a phase or coz of my semester, I am currently going through writer's block. Words are not coming, ideas are dead, prompts ain't working for me. What the hell is happening? Why is it happening?? Uh its probably my semester, I am feeling a little too disconnected with my blog… Continue reading Writer’s Block


Conveyors throughout time

Lets all take a moment, and go on this journey in the past. A time when we didn't have technology, telephones, telegraphs, email or sms. Talent flowed in these carefully crafted human veins. Hands rich with cultures, stuffed with endurance and glazed with tenacity. One set of hands held those fine dainty needles, played with… Continue reading Conveyors throughout time

Awards and Tags

Commander Quill Award

So I got a notification that I have been tagged for Liebster award(again) and Commander Quill Award by my fellow blogger Rudra Makwana @Tinte. Having done so many takes at Liebster Award in this past month, I decided to let it go and proceed to this new award. Thank you so much Rudra for the tag!… Continue reading Commander Quill Award

Awards and Tags

Liebster Award #3

Hey everyone! So here's again, my 3rd take at Liebster award. I was just nominated by Ta-An from Ta-An Speaks. Beautiful blog over there do check it out. Now moving on to the award. 1- What scent reminds you of home and why? Ahh that's hard to answer because there is a very peculiar smell… Continue reading Liebster Award #3

Visual Culture


With designing comes greater responsibility. CAD (Computer Aided Design). If you are a designer you have to have software's like photoshop and illustrator on your fingertips. So going with it, our CAD sessions started off with out introduction to layer masking. Now I am not really gonna bore you guys with explaining it all and… Continue reading Graphics

My crazy life situations


ITS MY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYY!!!!!! Lol. So its my birthday today. I'm officially 19 now. I am proud January-born Capricorn. Any other Capricorns out there? Uh don't feel any older though. I'm so excited today. So I was wondering what special to do today. So I was like, I am turning 19 today so here are… Continue reading Its My BIRTHDAYYYY!!!!!!!

Visual Culture

First Sketches!

Hey! So a few days ago I posted "Whats your problem? I'll find a solution for it." Our first task where we had to look around us infact beyond us and find one problem and come with a design solution for it. So the two ideas that I posted and were approved, I made the… Continue reading First Sketches!