Silhouettes using Denim

Back in my previous semester of college we had a subject Related fabrics to Fashion. We were to work with different types of fabrics and study their composition and fall. Here's my first, using denim. Now denim is a pretty sturdy fabric. Its a cotton warp faced textile in which weft passes under two or… Continue reading Silhouettes using Denim

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Some final Graphics

So you guys know that I have been creating Tshirt graphics this semester. In total we had to create 30 graphics, out of which here are 8 of them. The other 22 are based on one theme, which is actually my favorite tv series Once Upon a Time, so I will share them part by… Continue reading Some final Graphics


That naive lover

Who do you fall in love with? The body or the soul? If the soul, is it always of the person in front of you? or perhaps something else's. (3rd of my series - The visitor) "Drenched in water, you rise, this fine chiffon subtly kissing your body Wiping your face, fresh pink fingers grabbing… Continue reading That naive lover

Visual Culture

The Aesthetics of Mughal Era

Ever since the oldest civilization, i.e Indus Valley, draping of cloth was the ways of covering your body. You may find a little bit of hand stitching here and there but that was it. So what brought sewn garments in India? It is considered that it were the Mughal's who brought tailors to India, and… Continue reading The Aesthetics of Mughal Era

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Beloved #6

Weekly Photo Challenge - Beloved Finally ending this epic photo series with these latest additions to my doggo family. Ginnie gave birth to them exactly a year ago. So these pups aint pups anymore. They are the cutest and most adorable members of the group, and also the youngest. I hope you guys had fun… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Beloved #6

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Beloved #5

Weekly Photo Challenge - Beloved Finally I introduce you guys to Gabbana. She is second prettiest dog to Ginnie, and also her sister. She is a huge dog as compared to Ginnie who is rather short and tiny. Just like her brother Dolce, she also was a rowdy bitch at a time but now has… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Beloved #5

Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge : Beloved #4

Weekly Photo Challenge : Beloved  Next on my gang is my prettiest female dog "Ginnie", from the brand Giny and Jony. She is Dolce's sister and the prettiest of them all. She has a very elegant walk, style of walking, expressive face. She eats at an extremely slow pace so it takes hell lotta time… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge : Beloved #4

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Weekly photo challenge : Beloved #3

Weekly Photo Challenge - Beloved Next on this list is my beloved Dolce. Obviously the name comes from the famous fashion brand Dolce and Gabbana. Now u might wonder is there a Gabbana, let me tell you yes there is. He is a generation next to chachu. So ya chachu is actually Dolce's uncle. Although… Continue reading Weekly photo challenge : Beloved #3

Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge : Beloved #2

Weekly Photo Challenge - Beloved Next on my list is the eldest of the gang. His name is "chachu" which is Hindi for Uncle. There's a funny story behind this naming, one day I had my uncle at my place and this came up to us and wanted us to pet him, we were… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge : Beloved #2

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Weekly photo Challenge – Beloved #1

I'm so happy about this week's topic. I finally get a chance to share the pic of the entire dog army that I have. So I run a platoon of 9 dogs + my personal pet. 9 are stray dogs whom I have taken in and given shelter. Although they stay outside in the lane… Continue reading Weekly photo Challenge – Beloved #1


Conveyors throughout time

Lets all take a moment, and go on this journey in the past. A time when we didn't have technology, telephones, telegraphs, email or sms. Talent flowed in these carefully crafted human veins. Hands rich with cultures, stuffed with endurance and glazed with tenacity. One set of hands held those fine dainty needles, played with… Continue reading Conveyors throughout time

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Variations on a Theme + Cavity

Last entry for this weeks photo challenge. Also goes with today's prompt, one of reasons for cavity, but who cares? its cookies! Some mouth watering cookies anyone? So, I have a ton of college work, so that's all for today. Have a nice day. 🙂