Weekly Photo Challenge – Favorite place

Weekly Photo Challenge – Favorite place Nainital…. A small city located in middle of mountains. It is a serene, calm and beautiful place with a splendid lake. My family and I have been going there ever since I was 9. Almost every year. Its like my second home. Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Favorite place

Weekly Photo Challenge – Beloved #5

Weekly Photo Challenge – Beloved Finally I introduce you guys to Gabbana. She is second prettiest dog to Ginnie, and also her sister. She is a huge dog as compared to Ginnie who is rather short and tiny. Just like her brother Dolce, she also was a rowdy bitch at a time but now has gotten calm and gentle. She has these ethereal and bright … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Beloved #5

Mad Mind

“This mind of a mad man is mind of a lover you don’t understand, but he falls in love every second of the day every decade of the universe   Fears, tears falling from the eyes from the scrutiny following the skies he weeps, he tears, he roars like a wild untamed beast, ready to unveil   Hiding behind is that ardent lover that finds … Continue reading Mad Mind

This state of mind

“My state of mind Mad, Paralleled Stuffed with emotions Untethered, unrelaxed Poignant, yet meloncholy An ominous blanket Inscrutable destiny   My state of mind Ferocious, untamed Running wild, like an innocent child Probably exiled By thorns of life An Inscrutable life   My state of mind Big chunk of irrevocable nothingness Flat in this world of three dimension Silhouetted against the strife of life An … Continue reading This state of mind

Prejudiced Love

Plucking off that little petal….oh how easy was it for you silent….numb… an eerie peace….all I was left with which u created… plucking out that lag piece, callously, that destitute piece of emotion   Tottering the horizon, suffering the nuances of pain, regret and laconism A petal which once shined bright as sun caressed it Festering in this void, you created When you plucked it, … Continue reading Prejudiced Love