"Remember how we couldn’t live without one another Memories are colourless now Curse like an ominous blanket" Copyright-©TheKayasthaJournal2017

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This serene view

The legendary beauty of Nainital. The city on hills with a divine history and an enticing lake. I clicked this pic back in 2014, as this fog appears out of nowhere and blocks the serenic view of the mountains.. "Serene, Calm and quiet The unhampered beauty of these hills Takes a dark turn As this… Continue reading This serene view



Things take a twisted turn as the sun falls down. An eerie presence is felt, not by all, but known by all. "Sated with quiescence   Walls saturated with reminiscence Manifestation of a satanic providence" Copyright-©TheKayasthaJournal2017         Disclaimer- All the poetic content in this blog is entirely fictional. Any resemblance to any person,… Continue reading Quiescence


Relocated forever – Haiku

Lost in this mind Trapped in this web Relocated forever Copyright-©TheKayasthaJournal2017         Disclaimer- All the poetic content in this blog is entirely fictional. Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental. It also has no resemblance nor inspired by the personal life of the author. The pictorial content used in this post is not… Continue reading Relocated forever – Haiku

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Live for no one but yourself

"I close my eyes and go deep in my thoughts And I’m standing forth so many different routes What to choose? Where to go? My mind started to liquefy and flow I wasn’t satisfied, I wanted to go deep While on the outside I pretended to be asleep I started to see, but I was… Continue reading Live for no one but yourself

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Dormant feelings

"Happiness, joy, sorrow, regret O where is it lost Feelings and I have gone separate My heart is now exhaust Is it my fault Or was I a dupe Cold as ice is my default Surviving in this endless loop They judge me For I dont feel anything Trying to find feel in this debris… Continue reading Dormant feelings

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Dormant – Only Superficial

"Still, lifeless and dead It stands huge Tough as rock Dormant on the outside Not from within Facing judgment Regrets piling Emotions building Sorrow deepening Happiness lost In this dark fog Of life's precipice It breaks out one day Burning everything On its way For you should not Face someone When they're down But have… Continue reading Dormant – Only Superficial

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Trapped in this mind

(Exploring some darker themes of poetry.) "Trapped in this mind Slowly everything was getting blind Getting to the limit of endurance But it became powerful with ignorance What they thought makes them stronger Is eating their mind and making them weaker Soon the mind is flooded Even the wound is now wounded Paroxysm is untethered… Continue reading Trapped in this mind