RIP Sridevi

This might one of those dark days where nothing will feel right. I just woke up to this shocking news. A veteran actor, a quintessential hindi superstar is no more. She was a superstar of my parents' time and then took a break. After 12 years she starred in English Vinglish and was a huge… Continue reading RIP Sridevi


A Tale of Masquerades

"I smile, I laugh and I grin, on the face I weep, I cry and tear up, under this glaze Its a masquerade; where all is pretend A lie; which is but the truth Its a jolly facade that I carefully extend To find my way; against my strife that impairs my vision and infects… Continue reading A Tale of Masquerades

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Stuck in between

"Lying still floating mid air Hair caressing the shoulders Skin white as ice Shining bright in this tenebrosity Dead from the outside Living on the inside Held captive in this life Trying to live through this strife Murmuring of birds Eerie sounds of water Running below the earth Coming through the soil Held in between… Continue reading Stuck in between

Daily Prompts

What happens when you die?

What is our entire life is a passage to something bigger and more expensive, who knows what happens when we die. We might just be passengers not for this life but for something else. This is my theory. What's your's? Its darkness everywhere You slowly open your eyes And in a minute you just relive… Continue reading What happens when you die?