Floral Weekends

Gibraltar Campion

Hey everyone! Welcome to floral weekends. This is a segment started by me where I write about some beautiful and strange flowers from all around the world. Gibraltar Campion can only be found in the British territory of Gibraltar. The bi-lobed florets are of varied colors, ranging from violet to bright pink.  This mild-fragrant flower blooms… Continue reading Gibraltar Campion

Awards and Tags

Commander Quill Award

So I got a notification that I have been tagged for Liebster award(again) and Commander Quill Award by my fellow blogger Rudra Makwana @Tinte. Having done so many takes at Liebster Award in this past month, I decided to let it go and proceed to this new award. Thank you so much Rudra for the tag!… Continue reading Commander Quill Award

Fashion, Visual Culture

How to design for India?

We were asked two questions at the beginning of the class. Being an Indian, what is design for you? How to design for India? After this we were shown a video in the class. The video featured each of the 29 states of India and showcased the most famous crafts of that place. A surprising… Continue reading How to design for India?

Visual Culture

First Sketches!

Hey! So a few days ago I posted "Whats your problem? I'll find a solution for it." Our first task where we had to look around us infact beyond us and find one problem and come with a design solution for it. So the two ideas that I posted and were approved, I made the… Continue reading First Sketches!

Visual Culture

Craft inspired Fashion?

Hey everyone! So today I have something interesting for you guys. Is an Indian Teenager ready for craft inspired fashion? That's a million dollar question. A positive response to this could entirely change the fate of Indian Craftsmen. While India has some amazing crafts to offer, our craft industry is declining because the current generation… Continue reading Craft inspired Fashion?

Visual Culture

Whats your problem? I’ll find a solution for it.

After that interactive video of Tony Fadell in Ted Talk, we were given our first assignment. Look beyond habituation and find that one problem which is going unnoticed and come up with a design solution for it. Now this was a tough task because everyday you crib about your life problems, but when asked to… Continue reading Whats your problem? I’ll find a solution for it.

My crazy life situations

Design Thinking!

Hey everyone! How are you all doing. I'm great here. My college has started, its been a week, and I'm blogging! hahah! I am managing them both. Yay for me. Lol anyways, so getting back on track. This semester we have a module Visual Culture, in which we have 4 subjects - Research Methods, Visual… Continue reading Design Thinking!

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Artful Saturdays – DIY Bottle Decors

Hey everyone welcome to Artful Saturdays. This is one of my weekly segments where I share a new creative piece every week. This week has the "Holiday Special Bottle Decor Lamp". Inspired by the spirit of Christmas and the joy it offers, and in the spirit of recycling, I made this set out of junk… Continue reading Artful Saturdays – DIY Bottle Decors


Pencil Color Portrait #3

Hey everyone! Hope you all are having a great weekend. Mine is pretty good, I mean nothing special really but I got a new netflix obsession so I'm enjoying it. Well in the spirit of organizing my posts a bit, I thought of categorizing my art a special day in a week. So introducing "Artful… Continue reading Pencil Color Portrait #3

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Bottle decor – DIY #1

Could the prompts have gotten any better? I mean first it was create and I got to post my tessellations and now its Bottle. Its like destiny is knocking at my door saying "Silas post about your Bottle decor now!" haha. Well so in some of my previous posts I talked about how I'm recycling… Continue reading Bottle decor – DIY #1

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Creating Minions

When I saw today's prompt, I knew what I had to post. A couple of days ago I posted my first art post featuring a colored pencil portrait of Lana Parrilla as Evil Queen. Have you heard of something called tesselations? I knew about it before but I didn't know hwo to make one of… Continue reading Creating Minions