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Chaat for a King

A king size snack anyone? No, I’m not talking about a whopper from burger king or a super big pizza. Today, I bring to you a very special and unique snack item called Raj Kachori. Kachori refers to a fried snack filled with various condiments inside. Its usually accompanied by a sweet tamarind chutney for… Continue reading Chaat for a King

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5 min Breakfast recipe.

Hey everyone! So here's a new quick snack recipe for you all. An easy and tasty and fulfilling breakfast. Ingredients- Gram flour Flour Salt to taste Red pepper Green chillies Coriander Water Flour bread or brown bread. Method- Take a mixing bowl and add 4 tablespoons of gram flour, 1 tsp of flour, salt to… Continue reading 5 min Breakfast recipe.

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Food Blog – 5 min snack recipe

Hey everyone! So today I'm sharing a very interesting, delicious and easy snack recipe. This is onion and potato pakora (fritter) Ingredients- 1 sliced onion 2 sliced potatoes Gram flour Red chilli powder Salt to taste Green chillies chopped Coriander Asafoetida Water Steps- Peel off the onion and potatoes. and slice them into small pieces.… Continue reading Food Blog – 5 min snack recipe


A Month and 3

Hey everyone! I'm so excited for today's post. Well today marks my 1 month in Daily Prompts and 3 months into blogging. I'm so excited today. The month of May has been so fruitful for my blog. Within this month I got 400 visitors, 1000 views and I reached 45 countries in the world. Maximum… Continue reading A Month and 3

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Food Blog #2 – The Magic Pasta

So time for my second food blog post. This time its a pasta. I don't have a name for it, let's call it "The Magic Pasta". Now it's a fairly simple pasta recipe and I don't actually remember the quantity of ingredients I added, coz I keep adding stuff on my liking. Ingredients- 200gms Macaroni… Continue reading Food Blog #2 – The Magic Pasta