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Weekly Photo Challenge – Variations on a Theme + Cavity

Last entry for this weeks photo challenge. Also goes with today's prompt, one of reasons for cavity, but who cares? its cookies! Some mouth watering cookies anyone? So, I have a ton of college work, so that's all for today. Have a nice day. 🙂

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Chaat for a King

A king size snack anyone? No, I’m not talking about a whopper from burger king or a super big pizza. Today, I bring to you a very special and unique snack item called Raj Kachori. Kachori refers to a fried snack filled with various condiments inside. Its usually accompanied by a sweet tamarind chutney for… Continue reading Chaat for a King

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5 min Breakfast recipe.

Hey everyone! So here's a new quick snack recipe for you all. An easy and tasty and fulfilling breakfast. Ingredients- Gram flour Flour Salt to taste Red pepper Green chillies Coriander Water Flour bread or brown bread. Method- Take a mixing bowl and add 4 tablespoons of gram flour, 1 tsp of flour, salt to… Continue reading 5 min Breakfast recipe.

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I am edible, Why?

"I am edible Because I'm palatable I am edible Because I have good taste I am edible Because I'm easily available I am edible Because I dont harm No.... I am edible Because I am fit For the living Who will consume me For the living Who can survive me." Copyright-©TheKayasthaJournal2017

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My poor poor tummy

Ahh hey everyone! Good morning and good evening. Well I had a really crazy day today. So hang on, I'll walk you through. I'm in lucknow right now, its my hometown. Its the capital of Uttar Pradesh, my maternal grandparents live here, so we're living in their house. I came in here yesterday morning. So… Continue reading My poor poor tummy

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Food Blog – 5 min snack recipe

Hey everyone! So today I'm sharing a very interesting, delicious and easy snack recipe. This is onion and potato pakora (fritter) Ingredients- 1 sliced onion 2 sliced potatoes Gram flour Red chilli powder Salt to taste Green chillies chopped Coriander Asafoetida Water Steps- Peel off the onion and potatoes. and slice them into small pieces.… Continue reading Food Blog – 5 min snack recipe

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The Entertainer Blogger Award

Here is another award I got nominated for. Thank you so much Joe-Ann at inspirationpie. She is an avid admirer and showed keen interest in my art work and I really appreciate this, as an artist it really boosts up the morale when you get appreciated for your work, so thank you soo much for… Continue reading The Entertainer Blogger Award

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The Unmoored Wire

Last week I was eating crisps with salsa. After 6-7 pieces, when I took bite of another I found myself chewing on a thin wire like thing. I gulped the remaining crisp, and went straight towards a mirror. I realised I broke one of my brackets in my lower jaw. (6 Months ago I got… Continue reading The Unmoored Wire

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Sibling trouble.

Hey so each one of us has faced one of the major problems of having a sibling. Sharing. Especially food. I mean I'm speaking for myself coz food is <3. Its just such a big decision to make when it comes to dividing food among your own brothers and sisters. Each time I make maggi,… Continue reading Sibling trouble.

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Travel Log-Mussoorie Final Day

Hey everyone! Welcome to my final travel log on Mussoorie. (Check out my previous post here.) So I woke up at 8:30, bathed and had breakfast and was ready to check out of the hotel by 11 am. We put our luggage in our car and we went out to mall road. For one last… Continue reading Travel Log-Mussoorie Final Day

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Travel log #2 – Musoorie

After having lunch at Clarks we headed back to the hotel and just relaxed on the bed for a while. At like 6 in the evening we went out again. (Check the previous post here) So basically mall road is pretty long. After like 1 km or so, it diverges. Right one goes towards the… Continue reading Travel log #2 – Musoorie

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Food Blog #2 – The Magic Pasta

So time for my second food blog post. This time its a pasta. I don't have a name for it, let's call it "The Magic Pasta". Now it's a fairly simple pasta recipe and I don't actually remember the quantity of ingredients I added, coz I keep adding stuff on my liking. Ingredients- 200gms Macaroni… Continue reading Food Blog #2 – The Magic Pasta