This looped loophole

Loophole, in a loop Or through a loop Either way it’s a loop Looped around its own loophole Through these courses And rising through these wales If not for the looped loopholes There wont be any loopholes To loop these unlooped loops on Knitting. Continue reading This looped loophole

Nature Photography #5 – Monochrome

Monochrome color scheme is something that really fascinates me. On one hand it gives a sense of mystery, suspense to the picture and on the other it also tells a story. It gives an old feel (lol) to the picture, something vintage, something representing 80’s. For me, it’s mostly the former feeling. I find them really fascinating. These are some monochrome shots I clicked using my Oppo … Continue reading Nature Photography #5 – Monochrome

#1 Nature Photography 4.0

I was just getting bored yesterday so naturally I just took the camera out and took some random nature shots in my garden. As explained before, I have a thing for details. There’s just something in nature’s intricacy that mesmerises the soul, well atleast mine. These details often tell stories of the flower/leaf/etc. I managed to capture the vein lines in a growing leaf and … Continue reading #1 Nature Photography 4.0