Things take a twisted turn as the sun falls down. An eerie presence is felt, not by all, but known by all. "Sated with quiescence   Walls saturated with reminiscence Manifestation of a satanic providence" Copyright-©TheKayasthaJournal2017         Disclaimer- All the poetic content in this blog is entirely fictional. Any resemblance to any person,… Continue reading Quiescence

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Movie Reviews – The Boy

Hey everyone, welcome to my second post on Movie Reviews. You can access the first here where I talked about Insidious Series. This post is about review of The Boy (2016). Starring Lauren Cohan and Rupert Evans, this is an American-Chinese Psychological thriller. Plot- Greta, a young woman from Montana takes up a job as a… Continue reading Movie Reviews – The Boy

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(Legend of) Sleepy Hollow – Review

Hey everyone, It's time for the next review post. This is about Sleepy Hollow, based on "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by Washington Irwin, with some added concepts from "Rip Van Winkle" also by Irving. The show is a mix of supernatural and horror. SYNOPSIS (Last 3 seasons)- Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison), a double agent for George Washington, dies… Continue reading (Legend of) Sleepy Hollow – Review

Movie Reviews

The Insidious Series

"It's time to go into the further...." Since a child I was the most scared kid. I was afraid of almost anything and everything. For some strange reason I craved for more fear. lol. That's why I think I have such a thing for horror films. I am the first one to watch them and… Continue reading The Insidious Series

TV Show Reviews

Stranger Things-Review (Spoiler Abundant)

I know lately my blog posts have revolved around either photography related posts, cooking and some random stuff, now I've decided to take a break from it and go on with some of the reviews of my favorite tv shows. In case you've missed, my last post featured Forty Something review, a British comedy set in… Continue reading Stranger Things-Review (Spoiler Abundant)