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Craft inspired Fashion?

Hey everyone! So today I have something interesting for you guys. Is an Indian Teenager ready for craft inspired fashion? That's a million dollar question. A positive response to this could entirely change the fate of Indian Craftsmen. While India has some amazing crafts to offer, our craft industry is declining because the current generation… Continue reading Craft inspired Fashion?


New Year’s Resolution

2017 is gone. Wait already? It just started! This is how every new years day begins. We never know how the year goes by but it does. Making us go through a plethora of emotions but in the end everything works out. (did that even make sense?) So everyone makes resolutions which like last 2… Continue reading New Year’s Resolution


Flower of the Day – 18th December 2017

Hey Everyone! Flower of the day is a segment by Cee Neuner@ceenphotography. Check out her flower of the day. Its beautiful! I participate in this every mondays. I clicked this blooming Acroclinium flower growing in a Nursery in Dehradun. Locally called Paper flower, coz its natural petals resemble texture of a paper.  

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Chaat for a King

A king size snack anyone? No, I’m not talking about a whopper from burger king or a super big pizza. Today, I bring to you a very special and unique snack item called Raj Kachori. Kachori refers to a fried snack filled with various condiments inside. Its usually accompanied by a sweet tamarind chutney for… Continue reading Chaat for a King

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This serene view

The legendary beauty of Nainital. The city on hills with a divine history and an enticing lake. I clicked this pic back in 2014, as this fog appears out of nowhere and blocks the serenic view of the mountains.. "Serene, Calm and quiet The unhampered beauty of these hills Takes a dark turn As this… Continue reading This serene view

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5 Scientific Hindu Beliefs

Hey everyone. Today's prompt gave me a chance to write about some of my culture's traditions which have scientific importance. You might have seen in my previous posts that I'm a big atheist when it comes to believing in lunatic traditions, which are of course self explanatory. However these (the one's mentioned here) don't make… Continue reading 5 Scientific Hindu Beliefs

Floral Weekends

Floral Weekends – Crocus sativus

Hey everyone! Welcome to floral weekends. For those who don’t know, this is a segment started by me where I write about some beautiful and strange flowers from all around the world. If you also wanna be a part of this, pingback to my blog and use the tag #floralweekends. This way we can enjoy a… Continue reading Floral Weekends – Crocus sativus

My crazy life situations

Evil Eye for an Atheist

Often when things are not going good for a long time, or some bad thing happened all of a sudden, people say the evil eye has struck. In India especially you will come across this a lot. We call it "buri nazar". Its a sort of a malevolent glare, given to people when they are… Continue reading Evil Eye for an Atheist

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My first driver’s test

Good morning to half and good evening to other half of the world. Hope you're having a nice day. Well yesterday I had my very first drivers test, not official but with my dad. I finished my 15 day driving course a week ago. My dad was in Italy so my mom wanted me to… Continue reading My first driver’s test


Stood the Mighty Arch…

During the last module of my foundation year, we were divided into groups and given an area for research where later we had to propose a design intervention. My group was assigned India Gate. For those oblivious, read about India Gate here: - It was indeed a great experience, reflecting upon that, I wrote a… Continue reading Stood the Mighty Arch…

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Travel Log-Mussoorie Final Day

Hey everyone! Welcome to my final travel log on Mussoorie. (Check out my previous post here.) So I woke up at 8:30, bathed and had breakfast and was ready to check out of the hotel by 11 am. We put our luggage in our car and we went out to mall road. For one last… Continue reading Travel Log-Mussoorie Final Day

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Travel log – Musoorie

Hey everyone! So we left for musoorie, via road, early in the morning at 8 and we reached by 10:30. We booked The Ilbert Manor for our stay. (In case you missed my previous post, check it out here) If you are thinking of visiting Musoorie please do not check in to The Claridges Nabha… Continue reading Travel log – Musoorie

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Travel Log – Dehradun

Hey everyone! Welcome to my first travel log. So for the weekend my family and I decided to visit Dehradun and Musoorie. I reached dehradun today in the morning. It's a valley in the Himalayas. I've come here to attend some pre-wedding ceremonies of my cousin sister followed by a 2 day stay at Musoorie.… Continue reading Travel Log – Dehradun