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Thought of the day – 26th July 2017

"Home is where you get the perfect cup of tea you desire." Copyright-©TheKayasthaJournal2017

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5 Scientific Hindu Beliefs

Hey everyone. Today's prompt gave me a chance to write about some of my culture's traditions which have scientific importance. You might have seen in my previous posts that I'm a big atheist when it comes to believing in lunatic traditions, which are of course self explanatory. However these (the one's mentioned here) don't make… Continue reading 5 Scientific Hindu Beliefs

Daily Prompts, My crazy life situations

Why I avoid crowded places

Honest Confession. I hate crowded places. Be it open air or a crowded mall on weekend. There's something about a crowd that annoys me, and that is odor. I don't why but there is a very distinct odor that comes which makes me wanna vomit. Its like everyone drenched in sweat bathed in the same… Continue reading Why I avoid crowded places

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How are you?

One of the biggest problems of todays world is communication gap, with yourself. We are so engrossed in materialistic things that we often forget to talk to the one person that is most important to us. This gap leads to depression, suicide, and other mental health issues. It doesn't take a lot, just sit quietly,… Continue reading How are you?

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The letter

Rustling through these fiery leaves I stumble across something Its a bottle with a letter To me; by me Something I wrote While I was bumbling with my life A gentle reminder That our past never leaves us For one day we might tumble all over it And say "This is what I wanted" Copyright-©TheKayasthaJournal2017

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Dont fear to set sail

Life is a voyage A little wiggly but always straight Each wave is a message Carrying its own trait You set sail when you’re born A small pawn in this vast ship Inheritance is borne Giving birth to new relationships You’re not alone in this ocean Meeting new people in every harbour Experiencing an agglomeration… Continue reading Dont fear to set sail