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Food Blog – 5 min snack recipe

Hey everyone! So today I'm sharing a very interesting, delicious and easy snack recipe. This is onion and potato pakora (fritter) Ingredients- 1 sliced onion 2 sliced potatoes Gram flour Red chilli powder Salt to taste Green chillies chopped Coriander Asafoetida Water Steps- Peel off the onion and potatoes. and slice them into small pieces.… Continue reading Food Blog – 5 min snack recipe

Daily Prompts, Food Blog

Sibling trouble.

Hey so each one of us has faced one of the major problems of having a sibling. Sharing. Especially food. I mean I'm speaking for myself coz food is <3. Its just such a big decision to make when it comes to dividing food among your own brothers and sisters. Each time I make maggi,… Continue reading Sibling trouble.