That naive lover

Who do you fall in love with? The body or the soul? If the soul, is it always of the person in front of you? or perhaps something else's. (3rd of my series - The visitor) "Drenched in water, you rise, this fine chiffon subtly kissing your body Wiping your face, fresh pink fingers grabbing… Continue reading That naive lover


Mad Mind

"This mind of a mad man is mind of a lover you don't understand, but he falls in love every second of the day every decade of the universe   Fears, tears falling from the eyes from the scrutiny following the skies he weeps, he tears, he roars like a wild untamed beast, ready to… Continue reading Mad Mind


This state of mind

"My state of mind Mad, Paralleled Stuffed with emotions Untethered, unrelaxed Poignant, yet meloncholy An ominous blanket Inscrutable destiny   My state of mind Ferocious, untamed Running wild, like an innocent child Probably exiled By thorns of life An Inscrutable life   My state of mind Big chunk of irrevocable nothingness Flat in this world… Continue reading This state of mind

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Sometimes black is good

Because.... At the end of the day we all stand black against the falling sun. "When the sun sets, the world stands black Unified, together, against the falling hero No race, no color, no whites, no blacks No rich, no poor No battles, no jealousy Everyone’s just a black shadow; silence No detail, simply outlined… Continue reading Sometimes black is good


Walking in this stormy desert

"Walking in this stormy desert Big drops of water lowering my comfort Hands tucked in, shoulders slouching This bitter cold air is on my skin scratching   It tries to overpower me But it doesn't know I stand in this shining sea My heart is my warmth, my emotions keep me warm Its flames are my… Continue reading Walking in this stormy desert


Prejudiced Love

Plucking off that little petal....oh how easy was it for you silent....numb... an eerie peace....all I was left with which u created... plucking out that lag piece, callously, that destitute piece of emotion   Tottering the horizon, suffering the nuances of pain, regret and laconism A petal which once shined bright as sun caressed it… Continue reading Prejudiced Love

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Silence

Weekly Photo Challenge - Silence "I'm just a wanderer, like everyone Sitting in my own pace Watching as the sea kicks the shore I'm a traveler, like everyone Breathe of fresh air Dandling through me Legs, deepening in this sand Tiny, rough particles caressing my skin I'm a writer, like everyone Holding the power to… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Silence


Forbidden Love

"Draining in the blues When I saw you In the arms of the other embracing the riverside   I was insecure, my heart was pounding Loud and aghast, with fear Sinking and drowning, my mind Eyes flowing in tribulation   You wanted to be loved out loud But I wanted to keep it special and… Continue reading Forbidden Love

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Often I come across this news in Tv or social media, about owners abandoning their old dogs, because they couldn't take care of him. They gave you happiness and joy for nothing, for so many years and when it's time to pay the effort back, people do this. In a country like India, owning a… Continue reading Abandonment.


It goes on forever…

Two most powerful warriors are patience and time. -Leo Tolstoy Undulating movements It never stops A never ending phenomenon  It seems meloncholy but alluring A plethora of memories A series of loses Fears it manifests Bumps of emotions on the way Incrusted with victories With the heroes it has gone through A surfeit of life… Continue reading It goes on forever…


The Visitor – 2

( A continuation of my previously posted The Visitor ) We don’t know when we have fallen in love. We don’t even know who we have fallen in love with. Is it always a person or could be something else, some one else. Oh look what a beautiful butterfly! As I move to feel, it extinguishes… Continue reading The Visitor – 2