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Thought of the day – 7th February 2018

"The only thing worse than being blind, is having sight but no vision." - Helen Keller

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Weekly photo challenge : Beloved #3

Weekly Photo Challenge - Beloved Next on this list is my beloved Dolce. Obviously the name comes from the famous fashion brand Dolce and Gabbana. Now u might wonder is there a Gabbana, let me tell you yes there is. He is a generation next to chachu. So ya chachu is actually Dolce's uncle. Although… Continue reading Weekly photo challenge : Beloved #3


A Tale of Masquerades

"I smile, I laugh and I grin, on the face I weep, I cry and tear up, under this glaze Its a masquerade; where all is pretend A lie; which is but the truth Its a jolly facade that I carefully extend To find my way; against my strife that impairs my vision and infects… Continue reading A Tale of Masquerades

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A Photo a Week Challenge: Crowd

Here is my entries for Nancy Merrill Photography’s, A Photo A Week Challenge with the topic Crowd. I saw this beautiful bunch of flowers at Miracle Garden Dubai. I would love crowds more if they were are beautiful as this.

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Final Scream

So I was just listening to Loved me back to life by Celine. It's about a coma patient who wakes up in response to their partener's true love. This song is just epic and the way Celine has sung it, makes it even amazing. That song really got me thinking about how terrible coma can be,… Continue reading Final Scream

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Transient

This weeks photo challenge says to post something that depict impermanency. A few years ago I went to Dalhousie-Khajjiar, a beautiful hill station. It is a very green hill station and very big too, I mean if you compare it to one like Nainital. So there are lot of hiking opportunitites over there, you can… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Transient

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Evil Eye for an Atheist

Often when things are not going good for a long time, or some bad thing happened all of a sudden, people say the evil eye has struck. In India especially you will come across this a lot. We call it "buri nazar". Its a sort of a malevolent glare, given to people when they are… Continue reading Evil Eye for an Atheist

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Life is (not) a Paragon

Life definitely is a great teacher but is it a paragon of something? No, and it will never be. What's a paragon? Something that excels in a particular quality. Can humans ever be paragons to something? Most of you will say yes. Ok, now riddle me this... We are born apprentice's of something and die… Continue reading Life is (not) a Paragon