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Live Life

"We all are in constant connection With each other With our selves With life We explore elements To enrich our soul We look for things That expand our wisdom Fighting predicament At every corner Ensuring a living With utmost harmony." Copyright - ©TheKayasthaJournal2017

Daily Prompts, Poem

Final Scream

So I was just listening to Loved me back to life by Celine. It's about a coma patient who wakes up in response to their partener's true love. This song is just epic and the way Celine has sung it, makes it even amazing. That song really got me thinking about how terrible coma can be,… Continue reading Final Scream

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Transient

This weeks photo challenge says to post something that depict impermanency. A few years ago I went to Dalhousie-Khajjiar, a beautiful hill station. It is a very green hill station and very big too, I mean if you compare it to one like Nainital. So there are lot of hiking opportunitites over there, you can… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Transient

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Evil Eye for an Atheist

Often when things are not going good for a long time, or some bad thing happened all of a sudden, people say the evil eye has struck. In India especially you will come across this a lot. We call it "buri nazar". Its a sort of a malevolent glare, given to people when they are… Continue reading Evil Eye for an Atheist

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Life is (not) a Paragon

Life definitely is a great teacher but is it a paragon of something? No, and it will never be. What's a paragon? Something that excels in a particular quality. Can humans ever be paragons to something? Most of you will say yes. Ok, now riddle me this... We are born apprentice's of something and die… Continue reading Life is (not) a Paragon

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Pencil Color Portrait #1

Hey everyone. Hope you all are doing great. This marks my 101st post on wordpress, so now I feel I should introduce one more side of my life and that is art. I've been sketching and painting since a young age. I have made 6 oil paintings, many sketches of celebrities (black and white). Recently… Continue reading Pencil Color Portrait #1

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The times my hair said no…

I know the post title can be very misleading, but it's true. I have humongous amount of hair on my head with a volume greater than entire pacific ocean. There are so many things I wanna do but wait there are my hair with large posters saying "YOU CAN'T, STOP, NO," I'm a guy with… Continue reading The times my hair said no…

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The Unmoored Wire

Last week I was eating crisps with salsa. After 6-7 pieces, when I took bite of another I found myself chewing on a thin wire like thing. I gulped the remaining crisp, and went straight towards a mirror. I realised I broke one of my brackets in my lower jaw. (6 Months ago I got… Continue reading The Unmoored Wire

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The Incessant Trouble

We all have faced a number of problems while we were growing up. Some of you are pretty young so you find it hard to deal with them, some are like me in middle who are used to problems because we are at that point in life, the elder ones perhaps are the most experienced… Continue reading The Incessant Trouble