That “Study” at the library

We all have done that pretending to study at the library. Haven't we?

Daily Prompts

That day at the Chinese restaurant.

Imagine you are at a chinese restaurant, with your family. You surfed the net and practised holding chopsticks so you could fit in better in that environment. You googled the etiquettes of being in a chinese restaurant, found tags to put on social media, thought of how you're gonna click pics of the food that… Continue reading That day at the Chinese restaurant.

Daily Prompts, Hair trouble

The times my hair said no…

I know the post title can be very misleading, but it's true. I have humongous amount of hair on my head with a volume greater than entire pacific ocean. There are so many things I wanna do but wait there are my hair with large posters saying "YOU CAN'T, STOP, NO," I'm a guy with… Continue reading The times my hair said no…

Diary Entry

Dear Diary #7

Read previous chapter here. 8:30 am – We are rushing towards the class. Oh all of a sudden how long does the path seem. It only is a corridor and at the end of which is a staircase, go up and turn right and there it is, after 3 rooms, our class…but the way seems… Continue reading Dear Diary #7

Daily Prompts, Diary Entry

Dear Diary #6

Read previous here. 8:30 pm – We all are having dinner at my place. Dad’s also home and he joins us. “So Chris where are you from?” asked my Dad “We’ve come from Los Angeles, and originally we’re from Tallahassee” - Chris “Tallahassee? That’s where I’m from.” - Aubs “So why San Francisco?” – Dad.… Continue reading Dear Diary #6

Diary Entry

Dear Diary #5

(So Allison just found out that Chris also wants to join Medical. Read previous here.) “Wow that’s… umm.. great” - Me 11:05 am – Aubrey gets a text message. “What is it?” I asked “Its from Aurora” “whats the sleeping beauty from OUAT doing messaging you?” “lol” “on a serious note, I’m forgetting aurora..? “Its… Continue reading Dear Diary #5

Daily Prompts, Diary Entry

Dear Diary #3

Read previous chapter here. 10:30 am – Stacie is approaching me. “So Aubrey and you…you’re gonna be at the back so you might just wanna move your asses” “Listen Stacie PAULSEN, I might have shut my mouth all this while but this doesn’t give you the opportunity to treat us like rats.” I snapped (Not… Continue reading Dear Diary #3

TV Show Reviews

Modern Family Review #1- Part 2

Hey everyone! As you all might have read my previous post, about the adults of this family, this post is review of the kids of the family. So here we go.... Manuel Alberto Alejandro “Manny” Delgado- Son of Javier Delgado and Gloria Pritchett. In the beginning of the show you will realize that he is… Continue reading Modern Family Review #1- Part 2