Visual Culture

Craft inspired Fashion?

Hey everyone! So today I have something interesting for you guys. Is an Indian Teenager ready for craft inspired fashion? That's a million dollar question. A positive response to this could entirely change the fate of Indian Craftsmen. While India has some amazing crafts to offer, our craft industry is declining because the current generation… Continue reading Craft inspired Fashion?

Diary Entry

Dear Diary #7

Read previous chapter here. 8:30 am – We are rushing towards the class. Oh all of a sudden how long does the path seem. It only is a corridor and at the end of which is a staircase, go up and turn right and there it is, after 3 rooms, our class…but the way seems… Continue reading Dear Diary #7

Daily Prompts, Diary Entry

Dear Diary #6

Read previous here. 8:30 pm – We all are having dinner at my place. Dad’s also home and he joins us. “So Chris where are you from?” asked my Dad “We’ve come from Los Angeles, and originally we’re from Tallahassee” - Chris “Tallahassee? That’s where I’m from.” - Aubs “So why San Francisco?” – Dad.… Continue reading Dear Diary #6

Diary Entry

Dear Diary #5

(So Allison just found out that Chris also wants to join Medical. Read previous here.) “Wow that’s… umm.. great” - Me 11:05 am – Aubrey gets a text message. “What is it?” I asked “Its from Aurora” “whats the sleeping beauty from OUAT doing messaging you?” “lol” “on a serious note, I’m forgetting aurora..? “Its… Continue reading Dear Diary #5

Diary Entry

Dear Diary #1

6:30 am – First alarm goes off. 6:45 am – 15th alarm went off, finally I got up. 7:00 am – My mom is yelling at me. “Get up! Get Up Alisson! You’ll be late for school, It’s your first day” 7:15 am – (In the washroom) My brain is collecting every tiny reason why… Continue reading Dear Diary #1

TV Show Reviews

Modern Family Review #1- Part 2

Hey everyone! As you all might have read my previous post, about the adults of this family, this post is review of the kids of the family. So here we go.... Manuel Alberto Alejandro “Manny” Delgado- Son of Javier Delgado and Gloria Pritchett. In the beginning of the show you will realize that he is… Continue reading Modern Family Review #1- Part 2