The Untold Past – Short story

“I’m allergic“ I exclaimed. The big smile on his face turned into blues. Oh I’m such a horrible person to do this. Maybe I should just tell him the truth. Its not your fault. Please dont be sad. He doesn’t know that my allergy is not medical but psychological. I’m not physically allergic to roses, they just remind of the time I was physical abused … Continue reading The Untold Past – Short story

Stuck in between

“Lying still floating mid air Hair caressing the shoulders Skin white as ice Shining bright in this tenebrosity Dead from the outside Living on the inside Held captive in this life Trying to live through this strife Murmuring of birds Eerie sounds of water Running below the earth Coming through the soil Held in between dimension Nothing to pull her back Its no different From … Continue reading Stuck in between

Capering in this wind

Found this poem, I wrote a while ago, in my mobiles’ notes. “These tiny pieces of tenderness No matter their size They see everything without any eyes They hear thousands Without any ears They speak wholesome Without any mouth No matter their size They have a pride Standing proudly amongst these vines Capering in this wind In three colors bright They have blossomed Into lovely … Continue reading Capering in this wind