Know Me

Hi Guys!

So first things first, who am I??

My name is Shivam and I’m a 22 yr old boy living in India. Fashion designer by profession and artist at home. I blog under the pseudo name “Silas” in order to pay tribute to my favourite show which ended few years back.

Why did I start blogging?

Blogging for me is a time out from reality. I just want to channel my energy somewhere and I hope I have something interesting to share with you guys.

My blog URL – 

TheKayasthaJournal is my blog URL. Many people have asked me what it means. Well long story short, Kayastha is a clan of people originally from Northern India. Like Punjabi, Marwari… Kayastha is also another caste of India. Its very different, and like very different from other caste’s in India. I’m a pure Kayastha, (both my parents are Kayastha) and hence I thought to name my journal, TheKayasthaJournal.

What all do I blog about?

My blog has some hand-picked collection of photographs, travel photographs, etc. I fancy photo challenges.

You will find a lot of amateur poetry stuff by me in response to daily prompts and other topics.

I have three special days of a week –

Floral Weekends, on Sundays,  where I talk about a new strange flower around us.

Artful Weekends, on Saturdays, where I show my artwork/DIY work/etc.

Thoughtful Wednesdays – Where I write some self-made thoughts or post some that I loved around the internet.

To check my latest posts, click on BLOG on the top menu bar, or if you’d like to browse by category, there’s some picked category on top or you will find many categories on the sidebar. You can also find me on twitter @KayasthaJournal, Instagram @the_kayastha_journal, and Tumblr @The Kayastha Journal.

I hope you’d enjoy reading to what I have to say! And thank you for patiently reading this. 🙂