Mad Mind

“This mind of a mad man is mind of a lover you don’t understand, but he falls in love every second of the day every decade of the universe   Fears, tears falling from the eyes from the scrutiny following the skies he weeps, he tears, he roars like a wild untamed beast, ready to unveil   Hiding behind is that ardent lover that finds … Continue reading Mad Mind

This state of mind

“My state of mind Mad, Paralleled Stuffed with emotions Untethered, unrelaxed Poignant, yet meloncholy An ominous blanket Inscrutable destiny   My state of mind Ferocious, untamed Running wild, like an innocent child Probably exiled By thorns of life An Inscrutable life   My state of mind Big chunk of irrevocable nothingness Flat in this world of three dimension Silhouetted against the strife of life An … Continue reading This state of mind

Weekly Photo Challenge – Silence

Weekly Photo Challenge – Silence “I’m just a wanderer, like everyone Sitting in my own pace Watching as the sea kicks the shore I’m a traveler, like everyone Breathe of fresh air Dandling through me Legs, deepening in this sand Tiny, rough particles caressing my skin I’m a writer, like everyone Holding the power to my quill Writing ahead kicking every strife I’m a dreamer, … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Silence

It goes on forever…

Two most powerful warriors are patience and time. -Leo Tolstoy Undulating movements It never stops A never ending phenomenon  It seems meloncholy but alluring A plethora of memories A series of loses Fears it manifests Bumps of emotions on the way Incrusted with victories With the heroes it has gone through A surfeit of life changing dialogues that float throughout this gel It has no … Continue reading It goes on forever…

The Visitor

We don’t know when we have fallen in love. We don’t even know who we have fallen in love with. Is it always a person or could be something else, some one else. Silence prevails as sun goes down the sight I sit on my table, locking all doors and windows That ticking of the clock right above my head And I fall into a … Continue reading The Visitor

That morning cup of tea

As time goes by, everything around us changes, except for those innocent gestures that we fail to notice. Rustling of that newspaper, like everyday Rocking on his chair, like he did for the past 60 years Eyes following every footstep, like it did for 60 years Pretending to be ignorant of his wife bringing him tea Childlike innocence shines through his winsome smile Copyright-©TheKayasthaJournal2017 Continue reading That morning cup of tea


“Is when the ticking of clock Is louder than ever Is when you hear the faint whistle As air rushes in your nose Is when you hear The rubbing of your skin Is when you hear  The faint sound of air As you swing your hand Is when you hear The buzz of the bulb Is when you hear the faint vibration As you turn … Continue reading Silence


Taking inspiration from the digital eyes, i.e, cameras, and focussing it on the perpetual motion of life often ignored for its meagre importance. “Sometimes you gotta focus in the dark If you focus on the light Everything around becomes dark.” Copyright-©TheKayasthaJournal2017       Disclaimer- All the poetic content in this blog is entirely fictional. Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental. … Continue reading Focus

Ice Plant

The ethereal beauty of these tender flowers shining bright through the divine light. “Specs of dew Crusting like ice on these tenders Supported by a meagre pedicle” Content and Image Copyright-©TheKayasthaJournal2017       Disclaimer- All the poetic content in this blog is entirely fictional. Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental. It also has no resemblance nor inspired by the personal life of … Continue reading Ice Plant