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Weekly photo challenge : Beloved #3

Weekly Photo Challenge - Beloved Next on this list is my beloved Dolce. Obviously the name comes from the famous fashion brand Dolce and Gabbana. Now u might wonder is there a Gabbana, let me tell you yes there is. He is a generation next to chachu. So ya chachu is actually Dolce's uncle. Although… Continue reading Weekly photo challenge : Beloved #3


A Tale of Masquerades

"I smile, I laugh and I grin, on the face I weep, I cry and tear up, under this glaze Its a masquerade; where all is pretend A lie; which is but the truth Its a jolly facade that I carefully extend To find my way; against my strife that impairs my vision and infects… Continue reading A Tale of Masquerades

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Against this dormant land

"O! thy flower U seem so shy Standing all alone In this desserted land Why O why? The flower answered With a smile "O dear human I stand proudly In this dormant land For I am An example That life can still grow When everything seems dead For I am A symbol Of love Standing… Continue reading Against this dormant land

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Dormant feelings

"Happiness, joy, sorrow, regret O where is it lost Feelings and I have gone separate My heart is now exhaust Is it my fault Or was I a dupe Cold as ice is my default Surviving in this endless loop They judge me For I dont feel anything Trying to find feel in this debris… Continue reading Dormant feelings

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Dormant – Only Superficial

"Still, lifeless and dead It stands huge Tough as rock Dormant on the outside Not from within Facing judgment Regrets piling Emotions building Sorrow deepening Happiness lost In this dark fog Of life's precipice It breaks out one day Burning everything On its way For you should not Face someone When they're down But have… Continue reading Dormant – Only Superficial

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My poor dormant blog

Hey everyone! Apologies coz my blog had been dormant for 2 days. I couldn't post anything coz - 1- The internet lines were flooded because of heavy rains in my area, so I couldn't go online. 2- My laptop was doing some crazy stuff, I thought there's been a virus infestation so I called the… Continue reading My poor dormant blog

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"Are dividers Of good and bad Are barriers To stop us from making mistakes Are sources of opportunities For us to explore However some are closed forever And they should not be played with For they are not meant for us Hiding the dark secrets That should never be played with." Copyright-©TheKayasthaJournal2017 Daily Post

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I just want to go

Another feeble attempt at describing a comatosed mind. It must be so difficult for the person and moreover for the family to see their loved ones in such an abominable condition. What did I do wrong? For every second of my life I wanted to be strong To finally end this strife My body was… Continue reading I just want to go

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How are you?

One of the biggest problems of todays world is communication gap, with yourself. We are so engrossed in materialistic things that we often forget to talk to the one person that is most important to us. This gap leads to depression, suicide, and other mental health issues. It doesn't take a lot, just sit quietly,… Continue reading How are you?