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Indian Stereotypes at their best

Mocking some Indian Stereotypes. (PS this is all pure fun, not a personal attack to any person, caste, creed or gender)

  • In India a guy walking with a girl in public is a matter of concern. Na na you got it wrong. It’s a matter of concern for that aunty standing 100 miles away from you with a cup of tea in her hand probably 80 yrs old who is not even virtually related to you, spying at you with binoculars.
  • I have a couple of friends who are girls, so when we plan to hang out at some place preferably a mall, I am the only guy in a group of 5 girls. People stare at me with a look that says, “This guy is definitely gonna audition for “Return of Fifty shades””.
  • In a residential locality of India, there is always a group of ladies who are self appointed spies. They have no other job in the world but to just keep staring at you until you just go away.
  • In India ladies can start bitching anywhere anytime. They bitch even if you are wearing heels in a supermarket.

If you just watch Indian advertisements, you’ll realise the following-

  • All you need is to smell good and you can get any girl.
  • All your problems will go away if you are fair skinned.
  • Every washing powder in India can remove every possible stain, even potassium permanganate.
  • You don’t need AC when its 50 degrees outside. Just apply some Navratna oil on your head, there will be ice age.

In every Indian television serials, the mother-in-law is always after getting the daughter-in-law out of the house.

When it comes to fiction, the only fiction you’ll find in Indian tv series is human turning into snake, self proclaimed god people robbing other people.

  • In every Hindi movie, more than half of the time is composed of songs.
  • In every hindi movie, all of a sudden all people in streets turn into professional dancers.

The funniest, Indians start worshipping every thing, which they can’t explain, as god. Be it the stone that could not be broken by anything, probably has god’s hand on it.

  • Dude, try a nuclear bomb on it, lets see if it survives that.

Every Bengali faces this question – “You’re a bengali, you don’t look like one?”

What is a bengali supposed to look like, Fish n Chips? (PS, bengali’s cook the world’s best fish)

If you ever want to go out and work for some NGO, do ensure you are wearing a worn out tee and unfit jeans.

According to North Indians, south Indian are all Madrasi.

Indians in foreign countries-

  • You don’t look indian?
  • Wait what exactly am I supposed to look like? Should I paint the Indian flag on my face?

Lastly, my favorite, A guy and girl can’t be best friends. Psst. I have 4 real close friends 3 of them are girls. xD My best friend is a girl, what say?

Disclaimer – I’m an Indian myself and laugh at all of this shit which I see here everyday. This entire post was fun intended and not a personal attack on any caste, creed, gender or religion.

(Its important to this also in India otherwise who knows, I’ll be making news tomorrow morning. xD)

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3 thoughts on “Indian Stereotypes at their best”

  1. I am impressed with what you have put together, I agree with all of the things you have posted, I do go through some of them myself when I am in India, after living for 17 years outside, I feel like telling all of them guy’s please grow up, when there so much important things in life to look forward to.

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