Diary Entry

Dear Diary #5

(So Allison just found out that Chris also wants to join Medical. Read previous here.)

“Wow that’s… umm.. great” – Me

11:05 am – Aubrey gets a text message.

“What is it?” I asked

“Its from Aurora”

“whats the sleeping beauty from OUAT doing messaging you?”


“on a serious note, I’m forgetting aurora..?

“Its Jane…. My childhood bestfriend from when we lived together in florida”

“Ahh Jane…How’s she doing these days?”

“Well she’s in writing school… and is gonna pursue poetry.”

“Interesting. Well you guys were… quite the bookworm… still are… so I’m happy for her.”

“I tried so hard for you to get into reading but I just couldn’t”

“Ah ya I remember the thousand times you gave me your favorite book The Martian by Andy weber.”

“Its Andy Weir!”

“I have other important things than to remember the name of a book writer.”

“I pity you honey”

“Its ok” and I passed a wink to aubs. Chris gave us a rather funny look.

11:15 am – Time for next class. Its chemistry. My chemistry teacher is scary. I mean not scary as such but she just looks scary….otherwise she’s a sweet old lady.

I kinda like chemistry…can’t figure out the inorganic part but ya I love the organic one. Even though there are some hideous hexagon structure involved.

12:00 pm – Great we have a mock test tomorrow. Ugh. That’s why I hate school.

I don’t wanna attend the next class. Its physics.



2:00 pm – Finally the day’s over. Aubrey, Chris and I are walking back home. When Aubrey and I are busy discussing about the test tomorrow and I’m getting mashed up in middle of them.

“Oh DEAR LORD, CAN YOU GUYS JUST TALK ABOUT something else…” I yelled.

“Wow. You know you should be worried sick right now. You have to complete your biology assignment and study for the test.” – Aubrey

“Thank you for the moral support Aubrey.”

“Hey if u want, I can help you with the assignment and then we all can study for the test together.” – Chris

“Finally someone has a good Idea!” – Me

We decide to study together so both of them come at my place.

2:15 pm – We’re home. My mom opened the door. She has never done this before. She probably sneaked in on me yet again.

“Aww hey honey… hey Aubrey.. and who is this young man?”

She knows who Chris is…she’s just pretending.

“Mom it’s Chris, he’s new to our school and we are going to my room to study for a test due tomorrow.”

“Ah that’s good. Call me if you need anything dear.”

2:17 pm – We’re in my room. Chris is helping me do my biology assignment first.

3:12 pm – Wow we’re done. I could’ve never finished it so fast. We all are hungry now.

3:17 pm – In the kitchen. Trying to find something to eat. Ever since mom re arranged the kitchen, its like a new game when you try to find something. Last night it took me 30 minutes to locate the ingredients for PB n J.

3:21 pm – After making PBnJ’s for each of us we headed back to our room.

3:22 pm – I got a notification.

New group created.

*******97 added you

Hey everyone. This is our cheerleading group. Practice schedules and other details will be given here. – S.A.P.I.O.S.E.X.U.A.L Diva -.^

Ok Stac hon – Jess

Yes mam – Ashley

Ok – Riah

Okayy S – Alex

“You saw that too?” I said to Aubs.

“Yep. Our Ms. “Not”Sapiosexual Diva a.k.a Stacie-” – Aubs

“Wait her texting name is Sapiosexual diva?” – Chris (giggling)

“She thinks herself one …. Ya” – Me

“Yea… she created a stupid cheerleading group. As if we didn’t have enough of her already.” – Aubs

“Aren’t you gonna reply?” – Chris

“No god no. I can’t handle her.” – Me

“Can we just ignore unimportant stuff and focus on important stuff like…. Chemistry.” – Aubrey

4:00 pm – I’m tired… and well so is everyone. Someone knocks on the door.

“Hey sweetie’s. How’s everything going?” – It was my snoopy mom.

“Everything’s great Mrs. Parker.”

“Well I’m right downstairs if you guys need anything”

“Yes OK Mom.”

“Your mom is so sweet”

“Yea I know she is…but she can also be very snoopy. That’s how I’ve saved her number…. It Says SnoopMum calling.”

Everyone laughs.

Wow this is going so great.

5:15 pm – I was about to pick up the notebook. Chris and I, our hands approached at the same time and we collided. (Blushing) (Blushing)

“Sorry! Go on” – Chris

“nah its ok, you take it.. I have one”

“You sure?”

“Umm ya”

OMG he smiled at me. I turned to aubs and well she also passed a very creepy smile.

6:00 pm – And we’re done. And we’re tired. Wow this is the longest I’ve gone studying. I should be around Chris more.

“Hey so I’m hoping you guys will have dinner too” My mom came in.

“Yes! Of course you guys will have dinner.” – Me

“Umm I don’t think I can Mrs Parker….my mom is really strict past curfew time. After sundown she doesn’t allow me to be out.”

Wow that’s the first time I heard that about a guy’s mom.

“Oh come on Chris… it’s the first you’ve come…you’re not going without dinner”

“Then I guess I’ll have to ask my mum.”

6:05 pm – Chris is calling his mom.

“Such a well mannered and obedient boy he is.”

“Oh mom… are you falling for him?”

“Shut up Al. but I do think you and he would make an amazing pair. Oh I would tear up so much when I’ll see you walk down the aisle.”

“why is everyone around me after my wedding already!”

6:07 pm – “My mom said yes. I can have dinner at your place……

To be continued.


Next chapter on 01/06/17.

Copyright – ©TheKayasthaJournal – 2017


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