A Month and 3

Hey everyone! I’m so excited for today’s post. Well today marks my 1 month in Daily Prompts and 3 months into blogging. I’m so excited today. The month of May has been so fruitful for my blog. Within this month I got 400 visitors, 1000 views and I reached 45 countries in the world. Maximum visitors from USA and India. I’m also up-to 64 followers. Thank you so much for all the love you guys have given.


This month I also started Daily prompts. At first it was difficult because you’re supposed to think of a good post within minutes and thanks to time zone… Daily prompt on my land comes in evening and there’s even more time constraint. How-so-ever difficult it might’ve been, it has kept me going and everyday its a new quest for me. Thank you so much Daily Post it has been a hell of a ride. Having said that I’m really looking forward to the month of June. Also today’s daily prompt up in a few moments.

In case you wanna check any of my daily prompt…here is a link to them all.

Apprentice Control None Panicked Lifestyle Better Exposed Bitter Temporary Pursue Maze Qualm Precipice Farce Descend Unmoored Adrift Impression Survive Reprieve Infuse Radiate Detonate Buff

Well this month also witnessed my poetic side. I started poetry and took the Intro-to-poetry session. It was really fun as I got to explore different poetic devices, play with emotions, try on he dark side of poems.

I had my first ravel log to my visit to Dehradun-Musoorie. Click here to check my Travel Blog. You can also check out the poem I wrote about my trip. The Trip – A poem

This month I also got to interview and guest post two really great and amazing bloggers Vikki@Meandmymundanelife and Maddy@Maddysdigitaldiary. It was so fun doing the interview with you guys. your blogs are just amazing. Check out the guest posts here – Guest Post – Vikki and Guest post – Maddy

Last week I also started a stream of posts Dear Diary. Well this is something interesting that I’ve started. Dear Diary is actually a set of fictional diary entries about a fictional girl Allison. Her life and instances are inspired from my real life. The characters, her friends are also fictional manipulations of my real life friends. In the story Aubrey is an interpretation of my best friend Katherine. (I wrote a post about her, check it out here.) Chris is an interpretation of me. Allison and Stacie and fictional characters. All the moments in the story are an interpretation of my life in school. Even the crazy biology teacher is a reflection of my biology teacher back at school. You guys have shown quite a good feedback, so thank you again for it. In case you’ve missed it, I’m linking every chapter here.

Dear Diary #1 Dear Diary #2 Dear Diary #3 Dear Diary #4 Dear Diary #5

Well again guys thank you so much for all the love and support you’ve given and kept me motivated. You guys have given me something that I look forward to everyday. Here are some of my milestones.

Most views from USA

Most viewed post – Guest post – Maddy

Most viewed poem – They said I need emotions

Most liked post – Photo Challenge – Heritage

Most commented post/s – Dear Diary #1 My Mind is a complete None

I also have some big news, to increase my reach of people, I have created an instagram account for my blog. To keep the anonymity my name over there as well is Silas. So you can follow the_kayastha_journal. Hoping to see you all there as well and also all instagrammers welcome to my website.


Thank you so much for reading this. Hope you have a nice day. 🙂

Feel free to leave your thoughts down below. 🙂


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